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Launching Meter and getting attention

We launched the first preview of our first app this week. It is called Meter. It gives you an estimation of how much it would cost you to hike a taxi or an auto rickshaw to go from point A to point B in major Indian cities. We are looking for feedback and ideas on what features you think are important. Head over to the Marketplace and download the app!

Getting attention

Incidentally, we did a slight promotion to see if people like our business idea or not. It appears they do. The Applait Facebook page now stands at more than 2000 likes.

Helping developers the open-source way

While hanging out on StackOverflow, we realized that there are developers who are looking for similar solutions on Firefox OS. Most of the apps we are working on now can benefit from reusable components. So, we will abstract out those reusable components as libraries and give it out to other developers! We should have an update soon!