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New possibilities and a new look

We started Applait as a company focusing on Firefox OS. As of now, Firefox OS is the only commercially viable mobile operating system based entirely on web technologies, and that made it a natural choice for Applait to begin its journey. We provide consultancy services around Firefox OS and have also launched a file search app for Firefox OS, which is now featured in the Firefox Marketplace.

But we have a larger aim.

Hoist the sails: exploring new possibilities

Our core value at all time has been to use the web as a platform and spread its adoption in business. It is the future of technology. Proprietary platforms don’t scale. Web on the other hand is (and by all means, stays) free of vendor lock-ins. This gives technology producers the flexibility to manufacture technology that will last longer. The web is not just scalable, it lasts longer and evolves as a whole.

With that said, in Applait, we’re always debating & iterating for the most impactful solutions that solves real problem, as well as fits the needs of the web-natives and web-beginners alike. We have identified, sorted and prioritized some of them, and plan to take a few steps ahead in that direction, this year.

We still will be making apps for you, though – especially if it’s highly interesting and challenging – but our overall bandwidth will be limited.

Raise the flag: website rebranding

Change has to be seen. The first change we have in our pipeline is a new and simpler website. And all this is a new year gift. Go check the new You’ll notice that we love simplicity & minimalism.

Wish y’all intelligent species a Happy New Year!