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The name is Applait

At this moment, there are two types of developers in India. Those who know about Firefox OS, and those who don’t. To those who don’t know about it yet, Firefox OS is a fully web technology based mobile operating system developed by Mozilla. These devices are already in sale in countries in Europe and Latin America. What makes Firefox OS interesting is the way it positions itself: to being the internet to those who don’t have it.

But why are we talking about it here?

In fact, why is this blog here anyway? Let us take you in for a secret. We have been following the development of Firefox OS for a good amount of time, and we have realised that people need it. Firefox OS may launch in India this year, and there is no one in India (apart from those developers in the first category mentioned above), who are providing professional services for this platform. No one to take care of the needs of the businesses who need help to arrive early and succeed on this new platform. That is where we come in.

Who are we?

We are Applait. We position ourselves as an enterprise grade solutions provider on the Firefox OS platform. And that means more than just writing web apps. We take care of the entire process that is involved in taking an already established product to a new platform. And we can do it in less than half the time it takes for that enterprise to train their existing development teams. We can be either an add-on to development teams and accelerate the pace of development, or take over the entire development process and deliver in a short time.

What makes us so confident?

We have worked with the platform in and out. We have played with it since its early days. We have seen it grow and have significantly contributed to that growth ourselves. We have been there and we’ve been doing that before you probably had even heard about the platform. Coming this early into the market, we believe we have huge potential and a big opportunity to go ahead with our schemes of world domination.

The good news is, this platform is not here to close you in. Firefox OS is a gateway to a larger vision of open web apps, standardised hardware access APIs and a collaborative mission of building a better web.

The offer

But that’s not all. As a starting price, we offer to port your web application (if it is already decently responsive) to Firefox OS for just USD 100.