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Brace yourselves... Grouphone is coming!

And the beta is here, today!

Head over to, folks. We’ve just opened up access to Grouphone for our beta users a few minutes back!

Those of you who had signed up for Grouphone early beta access, check your mailboxes. The sweet little welcome email from Grouphone would guide you to get started.


Well, what’s Grouphone?

Group audio call, on your phone, and just that. More details:

In the beta, expect things to be very minimal. We’ve tried our best to rule out possible issues at this stage. However, there may be some bugs which will show up here and there, or the call may not work at its best for the time being. Over the next two months, we will polish it up better and add more resources.

How do I join Grouphone?

Right now, Grouphone is in beta. Once we run our beta campaign successfully, and come up with the final version, everyone will be able to sign up. For the time being, Grouphone is only accessible to folks who requested the beta invitation.

But you can still join the calls!

I don’t get it; how can I join the call?

You need to have a Grouphone account to start a call. But, to join a call, you need only the call URL. So, if anyone has created a call, ask them to share the call URL with you so that you can join it.

Is there an app for it?

We don’t need an app for this. The idea behind Grouphone is to build it using standard technologies so that it runs on browsers of every possible modern platform who support WebRTC.

No, in simple words… how do I use Grouphone?

Get the latest Mozilla Firefox or Google Chrome on your laptops/desktops/tablets/phones. On iOS, use Google Chrome.

Does it truly run “everywhere”?

That’s the dream. Sadly, there are too many walled gardens. Too much of platform fragmentation. We are people of the web. It runs on every device that supports WebRTC.

We’ve tested Grouphone on Firefox and Chrome. It should, technically, run on any browser that supports WebRTC properly.

There are so many audio-chat apps. How is Grouphone better/different?

Grouphone does audio calls, and does just that. It works on 3g. It is built for the web, from the ground up. No distractions. No advertisements. No credit cards. No privacy concerns.

So, when is the final release?

We’re trying to go as fast as possible. Expect it in a couple of months! Till then, we’re trying to gather as much feedback as possible. If you are a beta user, please do write to us!

Give it a try! Happy Grouphone-ing!