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Grouphone is dressing up

Hi there,

We had promised to release an early version of Grouphone back in March. We had opened up a beta invitation request, and the feedback we got from it were overwhelming. We realized that it was not just an idea, but an actual service that many people think will be useful to them.

This raised the expectations and we have been working hard (literally days AND nights) to get Grouphone to a presentable shape. We have been so busy that we forgot to let you know that we had missed the timeline for March. Sorry for that 🙁 We’re really focused guys, you see, and how time flies by!

Well, we won’t keep you waiting much longer. Grouphone is almost ready and we are doing some last minute tests to ensure that even our early beta adopters are not disappointed.

At this point, it is worthwhile to mention that the first version we release will be available to a selected set of people who applied to participate in the early beta program last month. When we launch our first iteration, only those people can initiate calls. Each call will have a dedicated URL, and anyone with that URL can join the call. No need of any authentication there 🙂

While we are trying to get that up and running, give us another week. We won’t disappoint you.